About Us

Our long time passion in Italian coffee industry transformed into CoffeeCapsules.Asia, one-stop online destination for coffee products in Indonesia. With coffee capsules as our speciality, we aims to be able to presence a real Italian coffee experience that can be enjoyed at the comfort of your house or office.

We understand to find premium coffee capsules in Indonesia is not easy, with our experiences and high attention to quality and style, we are proud to be able to provide espresso lovers in Indonesia with our high end coffee selections.

Establishing in Indonesia, CoffeeCapsules.Asia is your right partner for your every coffee needs, order now by login to our website www.coffeecapsules.asia or contact us :

Phone: 0821 1424 5756
Email: sales@coffeecapsules.asia, info@coffeecapsules.asia

Enjoy CoffeeCapsules.Asia, enjoy the real taste of Italy!